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    Top Beaches In Marbella


    Top Beaches In Marbella

    Globe trotter alert – we’ve got one not-so-known but yet super-hot travel destination which you need to add to your bucket list right away! Yes, we’re talking about Marbella – the upcoming tourist destination coming from none other than the exquisite country of Spain! And if you’re a beach bum, Marbella is the place you have to head towards to have one heck of an experience! Here are the top beaches in Marbella – make sure you fix your date with them right away!

    1. Playa de Rio Real

    Picture perfect – two words to describe this beach! The expanse of this beach – spread across, with pristine white sand, crystal clear waters and a bunch of coconut trees makes it just what you want when you’re out on a beach! It’s at the beginning of Los Monteros and is sandwiched between two other beaches, but somehow it manages to stand out! Head out here to have the time of your life!

    Nikki Beach

    2. Nikki beach

    It’s all about the bright sunshine, great drinks, singing and dancing as the sun sets on Nikki Beach! Join in the revelry when you’re here, and we’re sure you will have a lot of fun – after all, a great company is essential along with great food and drinks too, right? When it comes to all of this, Nikki Beach is just the perfect package for you – don’t miss out on this one!

    3. Bounty Beach

    The coolest beaches to hang out in Spain, especially for the youngsters, Bounty Beach is all about fun and frolic! A chilled out, super cool place to hang out, this beach is reasonable when it comes to prices and yet has innumerable options which will make your visit memorable here!

    Cabopino beach

    4. Cabopino beach

    With so many beaches dotting the coast of Marbella, this one’s the underdog! But that doesn’t mean it isn’t stunning – it’s just an option which people have begun exploring! So why not head to this beach – where you’ll have it all to yourself – as the crowds are busy exploring the other beaches in Marbella!

    Beaches never disappoint – even someone who isn’t fond of water or the bright sunshine, you’ll find them hopping around with joy by the beaches. Also, it is a vacation-necessity – which vacation is complete without you and your gang hitting the beach? And especially in a place like Marbella, which boasts of a stunning coast, a couple of days by the beach is a must!