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    Must Have Food When In Marbella


    Must Have Food When In Marbella

    Is a vacation even complete without sampling (or hogging?) the local cuisine of the place you’re visiting? And especially if you’re in or heading towards Marbella, you got to know two things – first, it’s a city in Spain, the country which is known for its subtle yet exquisite cuisine, and secondly, the dishes from Marbella itself form an elaborate part of the Spanish cuisine. So read on to know about the food travel you need to follow when in Marbella – a place best visited through the comfort of a luxury car like a Ferrari or Lamborghini from


    A fresh, cold soup which is a summer staple in Marbella, you shouldn’t skip this one at all – the mild taste of this flavored soup will stay with you for a long time. And no matter which part of the world you go to taste this soup again, let me warn you – no country has been successfully able to replicate the Gazpacho of Marbella! So while you’re here, make sure you have lots of it and yes, even learn how to make it – it’s a super easy recipe with which you can impress friends back home!

    Gambas al Pilpil

    Gambas al Pilpil

    Marbella is a city alongside a stunning coastline – and a stunning coast means fresh seafood! That’s what Gambas al Pilpil is – a dish that’s prepared out of freshly picked prawns from the sea. Keeping the flavor of prawns intact, the dish has ingredients that add a subtle taste yet aren’t overbearing on the dish entirely. A perfect starter, you can find this dish anywhere across Marbella.

    Pescaito Frito

    Another one from the seafood front, the Pescaito Frito means nothing ‘Fried fish.’ Is anyone in the world out there who isn’t a fan of fried fish? That too of fish that’s just out of the sea? Well, that’s what Pescaito Frito is all about! Enjoy this delectable platter of fish served crispy hot right in front of you – with loads of salad as a companion. The other version of this is A la Plancha – in which the fish isn’t fried, but grilled to heavenly perfection!


    Ensalada Malaguena

    How about a salad that has all the possible contrasting tastes creating a riot in your mouth? Oranges, cod, potatoes, olives, and onions- all mixed and topped with s dressing of olive oil – that’s all about this simple salad that leaves back a lasting impression on your tongue and mind! Don’t forget to try this out, especially when you hire a luxury car in this awesome location!