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    Lovely Cafes Of Marbella


    Lovely Cafes Of Marbella

    Cafes are an essential part of any place – how else could you satiate those untimely traveler’s hunger pangs? Head straight into these cafes where you not only get an authentic taste of the cuisine here, but the food is super cost effective too! So when you’re in Marbella, make sure you make the most of the charming cafes that line this beautiful city – and yes, they have lip-smacking food along with gorgeous interiors too! Read on:

    Cafe de Ronda

    One of the most famed and noted cafe’s in Marbella, Cafe de Ronda is known for its immaculate food, which taste like bits from heaven. Head in here for a quick snack or even for a full-fledged brunch – the multiple options which this cafe has will leave you wanting more! And yes, it’s cutesy little interiors too! Don’t in any case, by any chance miss out on the eggs Benedict which Cafe de Ronda whips up – just surreal!

    The Fresh Food Cafe

    As the name suggests, this cafe revolves around dishes whipped out of fresh ingredients. Right from the food items to the pastries here, everything is simply mouthwatering! Don’t miss out on their in-house produced smoothies and fresh fruit juices which will leave you refreshed after a walk in the bright sun in Marbella’s streets. And yes, it’s got the perfect cafe vibe too – a must visit!

    Pan y Mermelada

    This is probably the best option when it comes to brunch in Marbella – they have a perfect brunch combo of eggs Benedict, pancakes and sandwiches which will satiate you yet leave you craving for more! But yes, if you’re looking for authentic American food, this isn’t the right place to hit – the food here has great taste, but it has that unmistakable American dash to it. But we just need places that serve excellent food right – so head up here!


    Terra Sana

    If you’re a health freak who’s on a calorie watch even when out on vacation, this place is for you. The healthy food options they have here are a crowd favorite and especially a hit among those who count calories as they consume! SO if you’re one of them (and even if you aren’t) head in here for some wholesome, healthy organic food. And though the food may be more on the healthier side, you’d be happy to know that the taste isn’t compromised even a bit!