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    Crazy Things To Do In Marbella

    Marbella beach

    Crazy Things To Do In Marbella

    If you’re that kind of a traveler who loves exploring the most off-beat locations and doing the most unusual things when you’re out there vacationing, you have to read this! And especially if Marbella is where you’re heading to, we’ve got a bunch of crazy things for you to do when you’re out there – read on:

    King’s Pathway

    How about walking through a steep pathway that snakes around the steep walls of a narrow gorge? Well, that’s what King’s Pathway is all about! An adrenaline rushing activity to do, go for it if you cannot do without that frequent dose of adrenaline! The Pathway was inaugurated way back in 1921 by the then king, which justifies the name. While this stunning pathway was shut down in the year 2000, for around 10 years as many adventure enthusiaists lost their lives in an attempt to cross the pathway. But it’s all good now, open for the public!


    Adventure sports

    Marbella isn’t all about great food, party vibe, and scenic beaches – it has ample of adventure sports too! So if you love paragliding, or kitesurfing or even surfing, book yourself a date at one of the popular adventure activity centers in the beaches here! This is indeed a lesser explored and opted for the option by the tourist in Marbella; you have to make the most of the super cool adventure life here!

    La Concha

    If you love hiking, why not summit the most popular La Concha mountain that will take you to the top of Marbella? And hey, all that effort’s worth the stunning view of Marbella which you get rewarded with once you’re at the top! Many tourists climb up this peak – for many reasons varying from charity to jumping into a helicopter once you’re in! Don’t miss this opportunity when vacationing in Marbella!


    Supercars and Yachts

    Marbella boasts of a super active and busy port – Puerto Banus. And if supercars and ships fascinate you, you need to check this port out! The classy boats and the sexy cars will steal your heart the moment you set your eyes on them! Don’t miss out on an opportunity to have an elaborate photo shoot with these beauties and the beasts!

    Oldest bull-ring in the world

    This one is interesting, isn’t it? Imagine the scene, stepping into the oldest bullring in the world- which was once filled with excited crowds cheering, bulls raging across the ring and that heat in the air! That’s precisely what you get to feel when you head to this place!