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    Best Places To Visit In Marbella


    Best Places To Visit In Marbella

    Heya there – if you’ve decided to tick off Marbella from your bucket list, cheers! Here’s a post dedicated to all the important places of sightseeing in Marbella which you shouldn’t give a miss in any case. Don’t forget to include these in your itinerary when touring Marbella! Here we go:

    1. Vina and Bodega Remsamen

    15 kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea, this popular winery has some of the best specimens of wine, which are renowned all over the world. A small hike or drive atop the hill on which the winery is located 350 meters above sea level, this winery has indeed come a long way from being just a one-hectare small vineyard to the full-fledged winery it is today. Head in her for an elaborate wine tasting tour and watch how the freshly picked grapes are converted into delectable wine!

    2. Marbella Old Town

    A quintessential romantic town, the charm of this town, it’s calmness and beauty is a class apart from the rest of the hustle and bustle of Marbella City. Heading here for a quiet walk with your partner in tow, spend some quiet moments together in the narrow, winding streets of this town- make the most this charming part if the city has to offer to you!

    Marbella Old Town

    3. Church of Santo Christo

    A beautiful church that stands tall in Marbella make sure you visit stunning work of architecture. While it looks beautiful in the daylight too, it looks unmistakeably beautiful at night! The interiors of this church are intricately and will definitely catch the eye of a keen lover of art and architecture. Head in here for some peace of mind. Make sure you reach early before it gets too crowded here.

    4. Constitution Park

    If you love nature and are fond of exquisite species of plants you have to go to the Constitution Park – it has the best species of flora and will leave you spellbound with the number of plant species that adorn this garden. A stroll through this garden and you will definitely end up spending some time here exploring and admiring the beautiful plants and flowers here.

    There’s’ a lot to explore in Marbella, so make sure you have researched well about his place and include all the must-visits in your itinerary to make this trip a memorable one.