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    Puerto Banus

    Puerto Banus

    To soak yourself in the crystal clear waters and enjoy the amazing experience is something that cannot be described in words.

    Plaza de los Naranjos

    Plaza de los Naranjos

    Plaza de Los Naranjos is one of the most preferred tourist destinations. This exotic beauty is one thing that you cannot afford to miss.

    Paseo Maritimo

    Paseo Maritimo

    Paseo maritime is the pristine sea beside the mighty cliffs. It offers a breathtaking view of the mighty ocean and an amazing place to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

    Why Visit Marbella?

    Marbella is one of the most famous and sort out tourist destinations in the world. The place has a lot to offer. From the finest quality wine to lip-smacking Italian dishes, the place has it all. It also bears some of the picture perfect locations that can easily captivate you.

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    Luxurious Hotels & Clubs In Marbella

    Since it is a tourist destination, there are a lot of luxurious hotels and clubs that offer great services. The accommodation and the nightlife in Marbella is something that everyone will enjoy.


    Top Beaches In Marbella

    Bounty Beach

    Bounty Beach

    Bounty Beach is one of the lovely beaches in Marbella. It is a place where you can spend a great time with your family.

    Playa de Rio Real

    Playa de Rio Real

    Playa de Rio Real is one of the longest beaches in Marbella. There are a lot of activities that you can indulge in the beach.

    Cabopino Beach

    Cabopino Beach

    Cabopino Beach has crystal clear waters in which you have a lot of fun. Make sure to take that deep sea diving offered on this beach.

    Latest Updates

    • Bar

      Best Bars In Marbella

      Party-goers out there – this ones for you! If you've decided to head to Marbella for your next vacation, we've got a list of best party spots for you to revel and make the most of your time in Marbella! Read on and yes, make sure you hit these hot-spot party locations when in Marbella!

      Buddha Bar

      Don't be surprised if you come across a celebrity here – that famed is Buddha Bar in Marbella – where locals and tourists alike, come to let their hair down! Right from the ambiance to the music to the perfect food and drinks here, Buddha Bar fits in all the criteria of an ideal bar! So why miss the opportunity to head in here for some real fun? La Sala

      La Sala

      Another expensive but worth every penny bar, La Sala is one heck of a bar that's located just a few kilometers from the Marbella City. Known for its cocktails, peppy music, and a wild crowd, La Sala has the best from the world cuisine all under one roof. Looking for a complete party package? Head to La Sala!


      A kid-friendly bar, they have a dedicated kids play area inside this brightly colored bar! Not only that, but this bar overlooks a busy port – so you're continually witnessing the activity in the port set against the blue seas. Plus points? The best drink - Perfectly curated cocktails are their specialty! Beckett’s


      If you want a budget-friendly yet on point bar to let your hair loose, head straight to Beckett's! We promise you won't be disappointed at all! The perfectly designed interiors, bang-on music and lip-smacking food here are USP's. In fact, when compared to the other famous bars in Marbella, Beckett's is known through and through for its fantastic finger-licking food – so if the food's your preference, make sure you get in here!

      Sinatra Bar

      One of the most classy bars in Marbella that has an excellent scene of super-yachts and the blue sea right in front of it, Sinatra has a vibe that no bar can beat! So if you're all about groovy music and dance moves in an unbeatable ambiance, you have to head to Sinatra Bar! And yes, if you aren't in a dance mood, you can always sit watching the stunning view, sipping on your favorite drink! Already started making plans to make most of your stay in Marbella?  ...

    • Marbella

      Best Places To Visit In Marbella

      Heya there – if you've decided to tick off Marbella from your bucket list, cheers! Here's a post dedicated to all the important places of sightseeing in Marbella which you shouldn't give a miss in any case. Don't forget to include these in your itinerary when touring Marbella! Here we go:

      1. Vina and Bodega Remsamen

      15 kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea, this popular winery has some of the best specimens of wine, which are renowned all over the world. A small hike or drive atop the hill on which the winery is located 350 meters above sea level, this winery has indeed come a long way from being just a one-hectare small vineyard to the full-fledged winery it is today. Head in her for an elaborate wine tasting tour and watch how the freshly picked grapes are converted into delectable wine!

      2. Marbella Old Town

      A quintessential romantic town, the charm of this town, it's calmness and beauty is a class apart from the rest of the hustle and bustle of Marbella City. Heading here for a quiet walk with your partner in tow, spend some quiet moments together in the narrow, winding streets of this town- make the most this charming part if the city has to offer to you! Marbella Old Town

      3. Church of Santo Christo

      A beautiful church that stands tall in Marbella make sure you visit stunning work of architecture. While it looks beautiful in the daylight too, it looks unmistakeably beautiful at night! The interiors of this church are intricately and will definitely catch the eye of a keen lover of art and architecture. Head in here for some peace of mind. Make sure you reach early before it gets too crowded here.

      4. Constitution Park

      If you love nature and are fond of exquisite species of plants you have to go to the Constitution Park – it has the best species of flora and will leave you spellbound with the number of plant species that adorn this garden. A stroll through this garden and you will definitely end up spending some time here exploring and admiring the beautiful plants and flowers here. There's' a lot to explore in Marbella, so make sure you have researched well about his place and include all the must-visits in your itinerary to make this trip a memorable one....

    • Marbella beach

      Crazy Things To Do In Marbella

      If you're that kind of a traveler who loves exploring the most off-beat locations and doing the most unusual things when you're out there vacationing, you have to read this! And especially if Marbella is where you're heading to, we've got a bunch of crazy things for you to do when you're out there – read on:

      King's Pathway

      How about walking through a steep pathway that snakes around the steep walls of a narrow gorge? Well, that's what King's Pathway is all about! An adrenaline rushing activity to do, go for it if you cannot do without that frequent dose of adrenaline! The Pathway was inaugurated way back in 1921 by the then king, which justifies the name. While this stunning pathway was shut down in the year 2000, for around 10 years as many adventure enthusiaists lost their lives in an attempt to cross the pathway. But it's all good now, open for the public! Adventure

      Adventure sports

      Marbella isn't all about great food, party vibe, and scenic beaches – it has ample of adventure sports too! So if you love paragliding, or kitesurfing or even surfing, book yourself a date at one of the popular adventure activity centers in the beaches here! This is indeed a lesser explored and opted for the option by the tourist in Marbella; you have to make the most of the super cool adventure life here!

      La Concha

      If you love hiking, why not summit the most popular La Concha mountain that will take you to the top of Marbella? And hey, all that effort's worth the stunning view of Marbella which you get rewarded with once you're at the top! Many tourists climb up this peak – for many reasons varying from charity to jumping into a helicopter once you're in! Don't miss this opportunity when vacationing in Marbella! Yacht

      Supercars and Yachts

      Marbella boasts of a super active and busy port – Puerto Banus. And if supercars and ships fascinate you, you need to check this port out! The classy boats and the sexy cars will steal your heart the moment you set your eyes on them! Don't miss out on an opportunity to have an elaborate photo shoot with these beauties and the beasts!

      Oldest bull-ring in the world

      This one is interesting, isn't it? Imagine the scene, stepping into the oldest bullring in the world- which was once filled with excited crowds cheering, bulls raging across the ring and that heat in the air! That's precisely what you get to feel when you head to this place!...

    • cafe

      Lovely Cafes Of Marbella

      Cafes are an essential part of any place – how else could you satiate those untimely traveler's hunger pangs? Head straight into these cafes where you not only get an authentic taste of the cuisine here, but the food is super cost effective too! So when you're in Marbella, make sure you make the most of the charming cafes that line this beautiful city – and yes, they have lip-smacking food along with gorgeous interiors too! Read on:

      Cafe de Ronda

      One of the most famed and noted cafe's in Marbella, Cafe de Ronda is known for its immaculate food, which taste like bits from heaven. Head in here for a quick snack or even for a full-fledged brunch – the multiple options which this cafe has will leave you wanting more! And yes, it's cutesy little interiors too! Don't in any case, by any chance miss out on the eggs Benedict which Cafe de Ronda whips up – just surreal!   Pan y Mermelada

      The Fresh Food Cafe

      As the name suggests, this cafe revolves around dishes whipped out of fresh ingredients. Right from the food items to the pastries here, everything is simply mouthwatering! Don't miss out on their in-house produced smoothies and fresh fruit juices which will leave you refreshed after a walk in the bright sun in Marbella's streets. And yes, it's got the perfect cafe vibe too – a must visit!

      Pan y Mermelada

      This is probably the best option when it comes to brunch in Marbella – they have a perfect brunch combo of eggs Benedict, pancakes and sandwiches which will satiate you yet leave you craving for more! But yes, if you're looking for authentic American food, this isn't the right place to hit – the food here has great taste, but it has that unmistakable American dash to it. But we just need places that serve excellent food right – so head up here!

      Terra Sana

      If you're a health freak who's on a calorie watch even when out on vacation, this place is for you. The healthy food options they have here are a crowd favorite and especially a hit among those who count calories as they consume! SO if you're one of them (and even if you aren't) head in here for some wholesome, healthy organic food. And though the food may be more on the healthier side, you'd be happy to know that the taste isn't compromised even a bit!...

    • Food

      Must Have Food When In Marbella

      Is a vacation even complete without sampling (or hogging?) the local cuisine of the place you're visiting? And especially if you're in or heading towards Marbella, you got to know two things – first, it's a city in Spain, the country which is known for its subtle yet exquisite cuisine, and secondly, the dishes from Marbella itself form an elaborate part of the Spanish cuisine. So read on to know about the food travel you need to follow when in Marbella:


      A fresh, cold soup which is a summer staple in Marbella, you shouldn't skip this one at all – the mild taste of this flavored soup will stay with you for a long time. And no matter which part of the world you go to taste this soup again, let me warn you – no country has been successfully able to replicate the Gazpacho of Marbella! So while you're here, make sure you have lots of it and yes, even learn how to make it – it's a super easy recipe with which you can impress friends back home! Gambas al Pilpil

      Gambas al Pilpil

      Marbella is a city alongside a stunning coastline – and a stunning coast means fresh seafood! That's what Gambas al Pilpil is – a dish that's prepared out of freshly picked prawns from the sea. Keeping the flavor of prawns intact, the dish has ingredients that add a subtle taste yet aren't overbearing on the dish entirely. A perfect starter, you can find this dish anywhere across Marbella.

      Pescaito Frito

      Another one from the seafood front, the Pescaito Frito means nothing ‘Fried fish.' Is anyone in the world out there who isn't a fan of fried fish? That too of fish that's just out of the sea? Well, that's what Pescaito Frito is all about! Enjoy this delectable platter of fish served crispy hot right in front of you – with loads of salad as a companion. The other version of this is A la Plancha – in which the fish isn't fried, but grilled to heavenly perfection! Ensalada Malaguenaa  

      Ensalada Malaguena

      How about a salad that has all the possible contrasting tastes creating a riot in your mouth? Oranges, cod, potatoes, olives, and onions- all mixed and topped with s dressing of olive oil – that's all about this simple salad that leaves back a lasting impression on your tongue and mind! Don't forget to try this out!...

    • Beach

      Top Beaches In Marbella

      Globe trotter alert – we've got one not-so-known but yet super-hot travel destination which you need to add to your bucket list right away! Yes, we're talking about Marbella – the upcoming tourist destination coming from none other than the exquisite country of Spain! And if you're a beach bum, Marbella is the place you have to head towards to have one heck of an experience! Here are the top beaches in Marbella – make sure you fix your date with them right away!

      1. Playa de Rio Real

      Picture perfect – two words to describe this beach! The expanse of this beach – spread across, with pristine white sand, crystal clear waters and a bunch of coconut trees makes it just what you want when you're out on a beach! It's at the beginning of Los Monteros and is sandwiched between two other beaches, but somehow it manages to stand out! Head out here to have the time of your life! Nikki Beach

      2. Nikki beach

      It's all about the bright sunshine, great drinks, singing and dancing as the sun sets on Nikki Beach! Join in the revelry when you're here, and we're sure you will have a lot of fun – after all, a great company is essential along with great food and drinks too, right? When it comes to all of this, Nikki Beach is just the perfect package for you – don't miss out on this one!

      3. Bounty Beach

      The coolest beaches to hang out in Spain, especially for the youngsters, Bounty Beach is all about fun and frolic! A chilled out, super cool place to hang out, this beach is reasonable when it comes to prices and yet has innumerable options which will make your visit memorable here! Cabopino beach

      4. Cabopino beach

      With so many beaches dotting the coast of Marbella, this one's the underdog! But that doesn't mean it isn't stunning – it's just an option which people have begun exploring! So why not head to this beach – where you'll have it all to yourself – as the crowds are busy exploring the other beaches in Marbella! Beaches never disappoint – even someone who isn't fond of water or the bright sunshine, you'll find them hopping around with joy by the beaches. Also, it is a vacation-necessity – which vacation is complete without you and your gang hitting the beach? And especially in a place like Marbella, which boasts of a stunning coast, a couple of days by the beach is a must!...

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